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Game Fantasyland key

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Game description: Fantasyland key

Game Fantasyland key Maybe there are not unlimited things in life. Everything starts in one point and ends up in another point, even the oceans for example that look so never-ending, have their limits too, every great width ends somewhere, every story starts and ends up in some point But still, there is something that could be taken as unlimited that is our fantasy. Since it is about something that is located in our head, we are the only ones that are responsible for it, so we could direct it in the wanted way and imagine whatever we like. No one is able to control our fantasy since it is something that exists just for us, and it actually exists because of us and no one else. The following game will take us in the Fantasyland. You could say by the name that it is about a land that is better that the land where we live, so expect to see wonderful images there but first you got to find the key for entering since because that key, you cant open the door. Lets see what is expecting us there. This is one very interesting adventure game that will lead you to some hidden areas in the woods. Everything seems magical there so we are sure that you will enjoy your stay but your final point is actually the Fantasyland. And as mentioned before, to get into the Fantasyland, you need to find the key first. The game includes 5 levels and four of them are those places in the woods where youll be looking for the key. In each level you get a list of 10 items and finding all of them is a condition for moving into the next level. The final level is also based on the same principles, just that you will be in the Fantasyland. The game does not allow any hints so it is all up to you. Like most of the hidden object games, again it is about a point and click type of a game. You observe each scene looking for those 10 hidden items and once you spot some of those items, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it with the left mouse button, to collect the item. Make sure that you collect all items. Have a good time when playing game Fantasyland key at website

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